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  • Sheri Clements    

From the beginning there is a clear expectation for both parent and child. The experience Ms. Sharon has is valuable to all levels of playing. We especially enjoy the chamber group that she has and how it allows for relationship with other violinists. - Sheri, parent

  • Nita Aquilina    

Ms. Sharon is an amazing teacher who sets high expectations for herself and her students. My children have been practicing violin with Ms. Sharon for over 5 years. It is not always easy to get young children to practice, but Ms. Sharon finds a way to motivate us and creates a dynamic whereby the parents, students and teacher are a team - this holds us accountable and help us achieve the results we are looking for. The studio offers lessons, monthly recitals, opportunities for chamber music and much much more. It is very difficult to find such comprehensive offerings for music education.

  • Sviatlana Razumniik    

the best thing about Mrs. Sharon - her ability to create individualized experience for each child. My children started taking lesson at the age 7 and 14 years and their needs were very different. They were able to progress and learn in according with their needs. Mrs, Sharon also creates very positive experience for each child. It really helps to keep lesson enjoyable for a child.

  • wei liu    

very patient, very nice

  • Pranav K.    

I am 15 years old and I was involved in Ms. Sharon's studio for 2.5 years. I appreciate Ms. Sharon Rothstein enthusiasm for teaching and the amount of dedication she has toward this art. She makes sure that we play at our best at all times and this helped me become first chair of my orchestra. The monthly recitals that she conducts helped me become more confident during auditions and concerts. I felt that this program helped me become a better, more confident player and it gave me a better appreciation for violin. From intonation to rhythm, she doesn't let us go until we get it right. She has a saying, "don't practice till you get it right, practice until you can't get it wrong." I thank my parents everyday for putting my in these lessons.

  • Eliana S. 

I have been studying with Sharon Rothstein for 10 years now, and I admire the obvious attention and care she puts into each of her young students' lessons/recitals/rehearsals, making sure that they are as successful and prepared as they can be in their violin endeavors. I have enjoyed my years studying with her, and it is very apparent that I have grown tremendously as a violin player, having been able to improve my skills through all of the amazing opportunities (masterclasses, rehearsals and recitals with professional musicians, etc.) her non-profit, CCMEF, helps provide for us.

  • Jennifer S.    

Miss Sharon is a patient, kind, caring, very intelligent (she’s happens to be a doctor), and meticulous teacher. Her dedication and advocacy toward the student is unwavering. She only accepts the most devoted students into her studio.

  • Madeline A.   

Ms.Sharon has taught me so much these past years and soon I know I will be able to do great things thanks to her. She is a great teacher and has found a way to make me an advanced and beautiful violin player.She has easy step-by-step ways to get us through our struggles and I like to participate in other things besides lessons, like fundraisers and chamber music. Altogether, I'm really happy with how far I have gotten and I hope to stay in this studio for a long time.

  • Sean R.

Sharon is a wonderful teacher. She explains and demonstrates everything very thoroughly to make sure that her students understand the information. She is very supportive, kind and generous and is truly a gifted teacher. I highly recommend Sharon to everyone interested in taking violin lessons whether they are just beginning or are wanting to advance their violin training. She is the best teacher around!!

  • Rachel Morin    

Sharon is a very dedicated teacher. She has a gift for bringing out the best in each student and offers masterclasses and performance opportunities in addition to private lessons. As a professional piano accompanist, I have been consistently impressed by the level of playing in Sharon's studio and hope to have the opportunity to work with many of her students in the future.

  • Madalyn C.   

Miss Sharon is very committed to her students and I have improved tremendously in the 7 1/2 years I have been a student of hers. I started from nothing beginning with simple pieces such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and have progressed a lot since. Miss Sharon offers many unique opportunities that you won’t get anywhere else!!

  • Timothy Hager    

Sharon works tirelessly to provide new experiences for her students. She is creative and dedicated to her teaching and her students play extremely well.

  • Safiya M. 

Mrs. Sharon is patient while teaching and works with her students no matter what stage their at. Her encouragement, advice, and support is one of the main reasons I am able to play violin at the level I’m at.

  • Adrienne S. 

Miss Sharon is a kind, intelligent and straightforward person, not to mention an amazing violinist. If you are a complete beginner or preparing for a music major in college, she is the teacher for you. Miss Sharon not only teaches musicality but also will give you a solid foundation in music theory necessary to your growth as a musician. New scales and etudes are a part of every weekly lesson, as well as solo pieces for the monthly recitals (the last recital had a 15 year old and 16 year old playing Lalo and Bruch— I played Mendelssohn) and/or anything else you need help with. Miss Sharon has organized masterclasses for her students with amazing teachers such as Charles Castleman, Sibbi Bernhardasson, Desiree Rushtat and Annie Fullard, to name a few. In the summer we have a lot of chamber music sessions with other teachers and professionals which are so fun and helpful! Miss Sharon is always more than willing to give advice and help you in any way she can. She dedicates everything to her students and I would wholeheartedly recommend her studio for serious violinists who want to progress!

  • Katie D. 

Sharon is a dedicated professional who works tirelessly with and for her students. She is a mentor, a teacher and a friend, all geared toward motivating students to excel and improve their skill level. She organizes monthly student concerts to allow students to showcase their talents and gain more experience in performance. In addition, Sharon provides chamber music opportunities and master classes experiences.

  • Timothy Edwards    

Sharon's students are ALWAYS well prepared, not only knowing the notes, but knowing the music. Her students have a great sense of phrasing and bow distribution. This comes from all the hard work that Sharon puts into teaching. She exposes her students to the finest musicians/teachers performing and teaching now. She exposes her students to the greatest artist so that they hear what a good sound should sound like; then reinforces it with the technique to make that sound. Her own teaching skills are not only reflected in her masterful playing, which she keeps refining through her dedication to chamber music, but also in her involvement with Master Teachers/Artist like Dorothy Delay. She has had the pedagogue Charles Castleman do a Master Class for her students, and regularly features her students on Zoom performances available to a wide viewing audience across the nation. I have even had one of my own students perform on her regularly scheduled Zoom Master Classes. As a former classmate of Sharon's; a retired performer; and a teacher with a studio of my own; I greatly appreciate Sharon's dedication to the profession of teaching by freely offering advice on problem solving methods that have worked for her with her students, when she has been asked. I could not ask for a better colleague, musical resource, and friend than Sharon Rothstein.

  • Katie and Alison B.    

As a violin teacher, Sharon works tirelessly to bring out the best in her students, nurturing their interest in music, and motivating them to improve their violin practice. Sharon is a true mentor for her students. She promotes and helps develop a positive work ethic which translates far beyond the violin studio. Sharon organizes monthly concerts to allow students to showcase their talents and gain more experience in performance. In addition, Sharon provides chamber music opportunities and master classes experiences.

  • Jnaneswar Vanga    

I like the Sharon’s approach towards playing the violin, easy to understand for both adult and kid beginners. Monthly rehearsals and recitals encourage to put more hours into practicing the instrument and feel more confident about playing Violin.

  • Destiny R.  

Sharon is an amazing instructor. She acts as a role model to all her students because she is timely, efficient and communicative. On top of this, she adapts her learning style to each individual student’s needs.

  • Ronit S.   

Ms.Sharon is an amazing violin teacher! She tries to make the best out of everyone's violin playing. If you learn at a slow pace, she will teach you slowly, but if you learn the violin at a faster pace, she will also teach you many things quickly. Whenever I have any questions, I will just email Ms.Sharon, and she will always reply back with an answer. If I do anything wrong, Ms.Sharon will tell me how to do it better/in the right way, and/or will demonstrate if you need some demonstration. Ms.Sharon teaches firmly, but she isn't strict or mean. She is super nice to everyone! Ms.Sharon can train us if we have any violin competitions, auditions, concerts, etc. Ms.Sharon gives us exposure to violin playing in the levels above us so we can know what's coming next, and to higher level violin playing. She can definitely make you progress faster in her lessons.

  • Rebecca Kim    

I have enjoyed the methodical and structured teaching method that Sharon uses in teaching the violin to both beginners and experienced violinists. She has high expectations of her students but is also very warm and encouraging. She offers many opportunities for learning and growth such as monthly student concerts and master classes with professional musicians.

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